Film O’Clock International Festival
Czwartek, 13:00 | sala 1.20 | Dostępne 90 miejsc

Film O’Clock International Festival uses meridians to connect audiences across cities, countries and continents. With simultaneous film screenings in partner cinemas and streamed Q&As, cinephiles can experience a film festival from miles away. Because the love for cinema stretches beyond borders. The first edition of the festival took place in 2020 in five countries from the 25th degree Meridian East: Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Egypt and South Africa, while the second edition added Bulgaria on the map. The festival is preparing the third edition to be held in 2023, including Ukraine. Another meridian will be added in 2024, aiming to create a worldwide brand in 12-15 years.

The selection of films – both shorts and classics – is curated by a committee of programmers from each participating country and only consists of films produced by those countries. The focus is on the discovery of new voices and highlighting of each culture’s storytelling trends by the respective countries.

Cultural diversity can enrich our understanding of one another and remind us of our world heritage. By combining time, our most valuable asset, with film, a medium used to convey emotions and ideas, Film O’Clock gives audiences the feeling that they are part of a universal community, no matter where they live in the world.
Film O’Clock participants are therefore enabled to experience and learn from each other, be more open to discover something new and be instilled with a sense of empathy for their fellow time-zone neighbours.

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Mirona Radu

Mariia Makarova